Sodie-Cakes – Yep, They’re a Thing!

So, what in the world are Sodie-Cakes, you ask?  Why they are just about the best thing next to chocolate and cheesecake!  These yummy little treasures are cupcakes made with soda!  Here in Illinois, my family and I call soda “sodie”.  I mean, who would want to eat a Pop-Cake?  Doesn’t quite have the same ring, […]

Strawberries N Cream Cake

Oh man!  It’s spring and it’s strawberry pickin’ time!  What a perfect dessert for these warm spring days!  Strawberries n Cream Cake is super simple and super quick to make — your guests, family, and co-workers will love it! Ingredients:  1 box white cake mix Ingredients cake mix calls for 1 cup boiling water 1 box […]

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