How do I stop my cheesecake from cracking?

A cheesecake top without a crack seems to be the ultimate measure of success.   It shouldn’t be. A crack doesn’t affect the taste. Many cheesecakes are topped and the topping covers any cracks.  There may be a number of reasons for cracks:

What’s the best way to cut a cheesecake?

Use the right knife, a sharp, thin-bladed knife. Don’t use a serrated knife as filling and crumbs tend to stick to the edges. Cut with downward pressure, dragging the knife as little as possible.  After each cut, wash and dry the knife so that you have a clean blade slicing through the cheesecake.  It also helps to “heat” the blade under hot, running water before each cut.  Be sure to wipe the water off before cutting!

What’s the easiest way to make crumbs for my crust?

cookie crumbsThe easiest way to get those cookies or crackers turned into crumbs is with either a blender or a food processor.  If you don’t have either of those, you can use a zip bag and rolling pin to crush the cookies/crackers.  Lots of folks use a food processor; we don’t bother.   I suppose you could buy the cookies already “crumbed” from the store. Cheater 🙂

Is there an easy way to form the crust?

Yes. Use a straight-sided glass with a smooth or nearly smooth base. By pressing the base of the glass into the crumbs, you can make a nice uniform bottom crust. By pressing the side of the glass against the wall of the pan with a slight rolling action, you can make a wonderful side crust.

The slices seem to stick to the base and it’s hard to remove them. Is there an easy way to neatly remove the slices? 

Take a wet dish towel and heat it in the microwave. Set the base with the cheesecake on the hot towel. The hot towel will soften the butter in the crust and allow the slices to slide off without sticking.  It helps to have a spring form pan with a smooth base.  If the base is not smooth, cover with parchment paper prior to putting the crust onto it.

Do you have a question not seen here?  Drop us a line!  We’ll be happy to answer it for you!

Happy “cheesecaking” everyone!

Save the world!  It’s the only one with cheesecake!

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