Bleu Cheese Cheesecake w/ Pear Vinaigrette

Bleu cheese and walnuts.  Yum!! How about something different to replace the appetizer and salad course? You’ll need a 9 inch spring-form pan and plenty of time…. Cheesecake is a labor of love — not speed!  This is wonderful served on a bed of baby greens with candied walnuts. Line the pan with parchment paper […]

Maple Cheesecake with Roasted Pears

Talk about a fancy, restaurant quality cheesecake right there in your own dining room!  I made this as part of a trio of cheesecakes for a wedding reception – the bride’s favorite!  This is a no-bake cheesecake that will wow any guest! Crust: 1 pkg shortbread cookies 3 tbsp butter, melted Process the shortbread cookies […]

Pear-Hazelnut Cheesecake with Pear-Raspberry Sauce

This recipe comes from my days as a cheesecake connoisseur/maker!  I made this for a wedding rehearsal dinner and it was a huge hit! I really wish that I would have taken pictures back then!   Please be aware that this is not a recipe you can whip up in an hour or so, be […]